Week 10 Update

What a busy week this has been. With great excitement we have finally finished the construction of our igloo. The students have been enjoying doing their silent reading in the igloo today and it is so popular we have had to add a timer and waiting list! An extra special thank you goes to Kirk and Bec who helped with the great rebuild.

Our class is in charge of counting all the Coles vouchers our school collects. This has been a great maths activity as we have to count them into bundles of 10, then 10 groups of 10 to make 100 and then count up the hundreds into thousands ! So far we have counted 4320 vouchers!

In English this week we have been learning to make inferences. The first activity we did was what is in Mrs Gemser’s bag? We  inferred that I drive a car based on the fact I had car keys and I shop at Coles because I had the vouchers. Then we used our new found skill when reading a book.

We had a great time in our dance lesson yesterday and we are looking forward to showing you our moves tonight!

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