Sawyers Valley Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival was an AMAZING day! There was a cake stall, lunch orders, volleyball, relays, races and so much more! I am usually very bad at backstroke but considering I did the 50 metre race I did pretty well! My mum encouraged me to do it so I did and she was very proud.

When Mr Johnston was telling us about the volleyball, he had arranged for the year 6s to pretend to accidentally push him in the pool. The whole school was laughing!

Then there was the fun events. WOW! They were probably the most fun part of the whole  swimming carnival. There were swimming ring relays and noodle relays and every single person was able to go in them even if they weren’t the best swimmers. Everyone had so much fun!

I wish I could time travel back and have the whole day again.

By Dominic Kataneksza  in Room 5s Ten Minute Writing


Sawyers Valley Swimming Carnival

On Thursday, Sawyers Valley Primary School had their Swimming Carnival. Everybody had such a good time. There was freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke races, as well as donut ring relays and noodle races and of course volleyball! There were so many cakes that we even offered to sell them to the high school kids next door. No-one was stung by bees and that was a miracle. If I had to judge the carnival I would give it eleven out of ten!

By Declun Lester in Room 5sTen Minute writing