Last week the Sawyers students engaged in a clean up around our school and its boundaries.
It was a very warm and humid afternoon, yet our students were enthusiastic and participated with gusto in this important environmental event.
After meeting back in the undercover to look at our collected rubbish, it was decided that our school is indeed very tidy and relatively rubbish free! It was interesting to note the amount of rubbish that lined the left hand side of Sawyers Road just outside the school. The students decided that irresponsible drivers were the reason for this mountain of trash polluting our lovely environment. Very sad.
Mrs Kent regularly collects rubbish in this area, this is certainly not part of her role but she cannot bear to see the mess.
Perhaps next year, we can gather a group of keen parents to assist us with this issue?

A big thank you goes out to our parent community for sending in gloves/tongs and plasticĀ bags for the event!

Thanks! Danielle Murphy