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    Icy pole Tuesday

    2016-11-08 17:48:17 sheelagh-dennis

    Our first icy pole Tuesday was a great success and we thank 

    our fabulous parents – Kylie Colyer, Karmyn McAuliffe, Darlene Willox and Kim Ruwoldt

     for coordinating this graduation fundraiser and to all the families who supported it.

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    2016-11-07 18:16:31 sheelagh-dennis

    Room 4 worked in teams to design and create lighthouses as part of the science learning area with pre service teacher, Miss Drew.

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    Shadow Puppets

    2015-05-29 12:15:30 andrew-johnston

    Check out the shadow puppets made by rooms  4 & 7 here.

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    Email your Teachers!

    2015-02-23 19:13:30 andrew-johnston
    Do you wish to send an email to all your classroom teachers in your child's class? If so use these forms
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