Our focus for Book Week this year was on developing an appreciation of the unique way stories are conveyed through music, dance and art in aboriginal culture. On Tuesday the students from Moorditj Noongar Community College performed some traditional dance accompanied on the didgeridoo by Olman Walley. This was a very engaging and powerful experience for our students as Olman invited some to join in the dance and participate in his storytelling. Our student leaders did a fabulous job as the hosts of a thank you morning tea where the Moorditj students were each presented with a handmade card created by the Room 2 children. On Wednesday the students participated in workshops with the Urban Indigenous team. Their experiences included storytelling and depicting stories through dot painting, familiarising with some traditional tools and artefacts and tasting some yummy bush tucker cake. We have two beautiful art works on canvas created by Rooms 1,2,3 and 4 displayed in our foyer and library.