Shared Values and Beliefs

Respect for the needs and potential of every child is at the heart of our school’s work.  We believe that each person brings something unique and worthwhile to the table and we work with cultural responsiveness to preserve dignity and to foster mutual respect of others’ opinions and beliefs.

We are a community and actively engage with our ‘village’ and wider community in order to build a sense of self that includes and attends to the wellbeing of others. We show compassion and care for our students, staff, our parents and our environment.  Our school community grows and develops together, and we are committed to reconciliation and truth telling, relating to First Nations People

We share the responsibility for students’ wellbeing and learning, and know that this includes developing in them, resilience, courage and the capacity to become responsible citizens of their future world. Together, we recognise our role in promoting sustainability, as stewards of our community and environment.

We believe that effective two-way communication is central to successful problem solving. We value the partnerships we create with open and transparent communication. We help our children learn to build healthy relationships with their peers and community. We encourage our children to work in collaboration and partnership to achieve success as a team.

We celebrate individuality and uniqueness and recognise that each of us is one-of-a-kind and acknowledge each other’s cultural identity and strengths. We recognise and value the many varied ways in which we can learn and make sense of our world. We offer a range of experiences so that each child can succeed and discover their strengths. We embrace students’ interests and individual strengths and foster a passion for learning.

We value authenticity and integrity and endeavour to do what is honest and right for our community, others and our own selves. We see ourselves in relation to our environment and seek to preserve the principles of fairness and equity: everyone receiving what they need, rather than all receiving the same.