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10 Minute Writing

2016-03-02 15:38:20 alison-charman

Students in Room 5 complete a 10 minute writing activity each day. Here are some examples of what can be achieved in 10 minutes.

Written by Mya , Room 5

In 10 minute daily writing

Some sharks and dinosaurs look alike

And they both give us a terrible fright

Sharks we eat and dinos we don’t

because the meteor hit the dinosaurs’ home

Dinosaurs once ruled the earth

Where they stomped around and also gave birth

But today dino’s are no more

Just because of that meteor

Today we have the dino’s bones in museums

Where thousands of people line up to see ’em

We will always remember those dinosaurs

That no longer rule the earth anymore

Now back to those sharks that swim around

In the sea they swim – not on the ground

Sharks can’t stop swimming or rest on the ground

Because their gills will stop and they will drown

Sharks I have to say

Still roam our earth today

But don’t be worried about these creatures

Because next time I will tell you all their features.


The Nature Playground

In the playground at our school, we have a nature playground. Basically what we do there is build shops out of the resources that we have. Then we find stuff around the school to either put on display or sell it. After we sell it at our shop we get honky nuts, which to us are money.  Recently two of the shops in the nature playground joined together. It was really hard work but it was worth it. On Monday we had a Tug-O’-War to raise money for our shop. It really worked because we charged people two honky nuts each to have a turn. Then the siren went and we went back to class.

By Teagan

Room 5

In ten minute daily writing

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Email your Teachers!

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Do you wish to send an email to all your classroom teachers in your child's class? If so use these forms
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