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Australian Explorers

Your Task

Choose one of the following explorers

Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth; Hume and Hovell; Charles Sturt; Thomas Mitchell; Edward John Eyre; Ludwig Leichhardt; Burke and Wills; John Oxley; John Forrest, Earnest Giles; John McDouall Stuart; Edmund Kennedy.

Research your explorer and present your findings using Microsoft Powerpoint. You will need to include maps and pictures.

Some questions to consider while you are doing your research(helpful for note taking)

  1. What is the background of the man you are studying? Where was he from? What was his occupation?
  2. Why did he explore in the places he did? Was he asked by the government? Was it his own idea? Could he benefit financially be exploring this region?
  3. How large was his party and who did he take with him?
  4. Where did his expedition go?
  5. Had anyone else apart from the Aborigines been in that area before?
  6. What did he expect or hope to find?
  7. Was he trying to prove or disprove anything?
  8. What hardships did he encounter on his journey?
  9. What interesting discoveries did he make on his way?
  10. What sort of relationship did he have with the natives?
  11. In your opinion do you think his exploration was a success?
  12. What benefit did his exploration have for the colony? Did it open up new land for grazing?
  13. Form your own opinion based upon what you have read about the following questions:
    a) What sort of person do you think he was?
    b) How valuable do you think his explorations were?
    c) What did you think of his attitude to the aborigines?
  14. When you are detailing where the explorers went don’t forget to point out what is at these places today? Mark their trips on a map.

Websites to help with your research.