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Building a Colony

Two hundred years ago few people in England lived happy and comfortable lives. Times were harsh and punishments severe. Many people convicted of crimes, sometimes quite minor, were transported to New South Wales. Convicts with certain skills were very useful in starting the new colony.

Your Task:

You are the Governor of New South Wales and in charge of the Colony and therefore are able to pardon convicts. You decide to pardon three carefully selected convicts to assist in the work of the new colony. Who will you pardon and why?

The convicts you choose need skills in :-

  • A. Helping to improve building in the Colony.
  • B. Helping to run Government House.
  • C. Helping to improve farms and gardens.
  1. First you have to work out which skills you will need the convicts to have. Worksheet One has the relevant  jobs and skills for you to find this out.  Then choose the 3 jobs you think will be most suitable.
  2. Now you need to select the convicts that you will pardon. You will go to the First Fleet Database and complete the details on ten convicts you think would be suitable on Worksheet 2. Click Here for Database. Follow the instructions on the top of Worksheet 2 
  3. From your list of ten convicts select the three that you think are the most suitable. Write these on Worksheet 3
  4. Present your findings to your class in an oral report clearly setting out your reasons for selecting those particular convicts.