Welcome to the Sawyers Valley Primary School home learning portal. With current issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sawyers Valley Primary School is committed to the continuation of education for our students during this unprecedented and challenging time. As a school community we are planning for all contingencies, including the possibility of school closure.

Our teachers have met (and will continue to meet) in their phase teams to provide a coordinated response to supporting learning at home. They have created guidelines for teaching and learning, and some activities and strategies to guide you over the next few weeks. We recognise that establishing balance will be important to the mental health of students. Maintaining play, movement, fitness routines and physical activity, mindfulness and working both inside and outside will contribute to this balance. Each day should be designed to ensure age-appropriate screen time occurs, along with opportunities to work away from the computer.

Teachers will continue to link in with you and their students through Class Dojo and other methods to provide more specific tasks and activities for learning.

The Department of Education launched a Learning at Home website on Monday 23 March. On this site you will find resources, activities and information to help children and young people continue to learn while at home. Department of Education – Learning at Home. This department website may appear overwhelming at first, but having these resources available to you online, means that you can support the activities that are provided to you by teacher through Class Dojo (e.g. refer to Challenges and Choices, page 8…)

We acknowledge that the need to remain away from the daily gathering of our school community poses some unique well-being and academic challenges. However, we are very confident that we can stay connected, learn and grow through this experience.

This is our time to be creative, flexible and brave, as well as continue to work as a positive school community. Connection is key!

How staff will support student learning…

To support our students’ wellbeing and their academic progress, staff will, for instance:

  • Send out a Class Dojo at the start of each day to share with you the teaching and learning program for the day and our most up to date information.
  • Monitor email and Class Dojo between 8.30am – 3.00pm and respond regularly.
  • Provide email addresses for parent/student contact with the expectation that this will be utilised during the learning from home period.
  • Ensure students have their username/password available where applicable.
  • Provide weekly work packages (paper-based if requested). These may be provided on a thumb drive or collected from school.
  • Provide digital links for consolidation and the viewing of video content.
  • Provide for collaboration through Class Dojo.
  • Use a variety of familiar digital platforms that are already known to the children.
  • Provide worked examples to support parents/carers with information if students require support.

How parents can support learning from home…

We would encourage parents to maintain a daily routine by:

  • Waking your child and eating breakfast at the usual weekday times
  • Provide your child with a work area that is located in an open, quiet space –especially when accessing online content
  • Create some routines for learning from home to provide your child with clear expectations about what their day will look like
  • Use this schedule to talk with your child about the learning activities they will work on throughout the day
  • Provide a balance throughout the day so that your child is not spending eight hours a day using digital devices.  Additionally, spending time as a family, watching movies, reading stories and playing games is equally important
  • Create time in your child’s daily routine for physical activity.

FACE COVID – How To Respond Effectively To The Corona Crisis

This short Youtube video may assist you to deal with the Corona Virus situation.

A poster for FACE-COVID can be found here.

Fiona Collopy