The old Teacher’s Quarters, now referred to as “The School House”, have been on the school grounds since 1896 with the original two room building still part of the extended house. The building has been refurbished and includes a classroom; a history area; and living quarters comprising a living area, bedroom and kitchen.

This is National Trust listed and the original two rooms which made up the living quarters are part of the extended building. The school classroom will be in a room that was added in 1910 but altered in the 1970s; the original living room and bedroom have been furnished in Victorian style; and the kitchen which was added in the early 1900s will be used for cooking activities.

Sawyers Valley Victorian Experience is a living history experience for early childhood students. They will:

  • Find out what life might have been like in a Victorian classroom
  • Have opportunities to recognise their links to the past
  • Investigate the way people lived in the past
  • Engage in indoor and outdoor activities of the era .

Our Activities

Your students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities related to the Victorian era.


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Our Activities

School Room Experience

Victorian classrooms had very strict discipline. Students will line up to have their hands and nails inspected before going into class and will be expected to sit correctly without talking. Much of the basic learning was rote learning and this will be the case in our classroom. They will also have the opportunity to learn about aspects of Victorian life.

Students will work in groups of about 15 for the activities. Volunteers will be available to assist and run some sessions. Students will engage in a selection of activities which may vary from those listed here and will be supervised by the visiting teachers and adults. School Room Experience Having lined up to have their hands and nails inspected, the students will file into the classroom and sit correctly without talking. They will engage in some activities that Victorian students may have experienced and use slates for their work.

Household Activities

Students participate in a range of household activities including:



Outdoor Activities

There will be time for outdoor play with students having fun playing the types of games that students might have played in the past

Toys by Mundaring Men's Shed


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The Classroom

In the Kitchen