Fun with Fables

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Is it a fable or a fairy tale? How do you tell the difference? Let's find out!

The Task:
You will begin by reading several fables. Identify the characteristics of a fable. Use the Dial-A-Fable worksheets to help you write your own fable. Write and illustrate your own fable and present it to the class.


The Process:

At the computer:

Read all directions before you click.

In the classroom:

Aesop's Fables

Character Traits



Each student will make a Powerpoint presentation. Student's work should be original. Spelling and grammar are correct. The moral and character trait should be obvious. Presentation should be informative. Student should be able to tell teacher what 3 fables they read.



Students should use the information they obtained from reading the fables to write and illustrate their own original fable and present it to the class.